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Behind each product.


The work of artisans from different parts of Mexico is essential for monbaboo®, since the main purpose of this project has always been to create beautiful things by combining visions in design and this is due to the collaboration we have made together with artisans. That is why we owe a huge part to them and to their great talent.

"Our commitment is to give the value that their work deserves, having the opportunity to promote it throughout the world and retributing fairly".

Many of the processes for the elaboration of each strap are part of a series of traditions that have been transmitted from generation to generation since pre-Hispanic times and sadly if it’s not well promoted and supported, the tradition may be lost sometime. One of this processes is the waist loom weaving, a process that is used by many cultures in Mexico and Central America to make the clothes they use. This process is one of the most complex due to the technique and the number of threads that form the warp.

Here you can learn a little more about the process behind each strap.

Thanks for being part of this project!

comercio justo - fair commerce_7.jpg
comercio justo - fair commerce_8.jpg
comercio justo - fair commerce_6.jpg

She is Abigail (Abi), an artisan from Santo Tomás Jalieza in Oaxaca.

She is the main creator of all the Jalieza collection, a true artist and a very beautiful human being!

SEÑORA PATY_oax3_-19.jpg
SEÑORA PATY_oax3_-18.jpg
SEÑORA PATY_oax3_-15.jpg

She is Doña Paty, an artisan from the Jalieza community, Oaxaca.


He is Wilfrido.

He and his family are dedicated to process and trade handmade products in Oaxaca.


Abi and Lore.

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