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My name is Lorena Cabrero and I am proudly mexican! Besides being the founder and entrepreneur of this beautiful project, I am visual artist, videographer and photographer and I feel very fortunate to be able to call job my biggest passion.

I travel all over the world doing what I most love: telling stories, and every time I go to a different country, one of the things that I enjoy the most to do is to learn from the culture. Despite the fact that I am Mexican, I was traveling through many parts of the world without first traveling around my beautiful Mexico, a country that I still have a lot to discover. Fortunately one day I arrived in Oaxaca, a place that opened all of my senses and that made me fall in love with its landscapes, with the culture, the traditions and its delicious food (which today I consider my favorite in the world), but something that caught me from the beginning was the immense variety of colors that we can perceive in this beautiful state, from the sunsets in Punta Cometa, to the sunrises in Monte Albán, which have been my inspiration in many of the collections of this brand.

Just as in the picture, I live with my camera in hand and I’ve always had the inquietude about the lack of style in camera accessories in general, that is why for several years I had in mind the idea of creating a brand of camera straps and accessories that were more beautiful in many aspects; in its simplicity, its designs, inspired in the colors of Mexico and of the world, but at the same time I wanted to create a project that could benefit, support and recognize the impeccable talent of artisans from different locations, employing them and promoting their art throughout the world.

As in Oaxaca, I’ve met beautiful families of artisans from different places, with whom I have been able to discuss my ideas, my inspirations so we can collaborate together with all the enthusiasm and love to bring to life monbaboo®

I want to thank you for supporting this project, for promoting it and for appreciating what we do, but above all for allowing us to bring a little taste of Mexico to the whole world.


With all my love,


Founder at monbaboo®

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